About The Artist

This show is NOT about dick pics or the men who send them. This show is about giving women and femmes the agency to stand up to their harassers, to show them that they aren't alone, and to empower them to regain some control in a world that tells them their consent doesn't matter. 

After receiving “a dick pic so beautiful it should be in a museum,” an idea was born; A home full of penises. A gallery that would mirror my exhaustion with the constant harassment that women & femmes are expected to silently endure. The intent is not to shame the penis, or to shame individual men, but rather to expose the normalization of misogyny.


Whitney Bell is an activist/artist who welcomes the label of “feminist bitch,” lovingly given to her by trolls of the internet.
When her home is not on tour, she and her puppy reside in Los Angeles, where she runs a charitable and unapologetically empowering webshop - KIDDBELL.com. She writes about feminism, sexuality and reproductive choice for Playboy, Teen Vogue, HuffPostElle, Cosmo and Ms. Magazine, and travels speaking on panels and giving keynotes. 

Whitney Bell