Artist Statement


Hey beautiful, how are you?
Where are you going?

Do you know what it is to be a woman? The lewd advances, the lecherous leers, the constant disrespect. A world that tells you in order to avoid harassment, you must avoid your life. Don’t go out alone, especially at night - and never without your pink pepper spray. Don’t take public transport or sidewalks or taxis - and cover yourself up honey, I mean really; what did you expect?

Lock a husband down fast, remember; your clock is ticking. Just don’t show too much skin, or laugh too hard, or drink too much...But come on baby, give us a smile. The river of dicks that lines the walls were sent by just that: Total fucking dicks. Unsolicited, unwarranted, unwanted dicks. Sent not to flirt or to entice, but to control. Because harassment isn’t about sex – it is about power.


The system relies on this imbalance, it puts faith in the accused and shames the abused. The misogyny is unrelenting. Its subtlety invades and creeps under the doorways and through the cracks on the floor. Its aggression hollers obscenities as you step into the street, reminding you that your body is not your own. 

It's being stripped of your choice and told that your consent has no value. It's a dick pic in your DMs and a pussy grab from the president, in a world free of consequence...until you demand differently. 

Rise up. Shed your shame. Muster the agency to call out your harassers. And inspire others to do the same. Because empowerment isn't always easily accessible - Empowerment is a privilege.